ChatMemoir Launch Announcement

 We’re thrilled to share that we recently launched ChatMemoir. 

Life is a story. Make yours unforgettable! Write your memoir with ChatMemoir. It’s as simple as having a conversation. 

ChatMemoir is the easiest way to preserve your legacy, connect with loved ones, and share your unique story with the world. 

You can sign up at or

Download ChatMemoir  from the Apple App Store at or,

Download ChatMemoir  from the Google Android Play Store at 

We look forward to ChatMemoir being your partner in your life’s journey!

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How it works - 

Your starter memoir is generated within 30 seconds of signup using publicly available information about you. Then you simply converse with our AI chatbot, a friendly interviewer designed to capture your memories in a natural, engaging manner. You tell your stories naturally and ChatMemoir’s AI fills in any knowledge gaps and ensures grammar, spelling, and style accuracy. 

Our technology ensures the continuity of your memoir, allowing you to add new experiences as your life unfolds. ChatMemoir leverages various sources, including public internet information, photos, audio, and video to deliver a rich, complete, and dynamic portrayal of your life. 

The memoir created by ChatMemoir is truly yours, personalized to your individual experiences and memories. Along with being a treasure trove of personal stories, the platform can be used to create professional portfolios or personal journals, preserving meaningful experiences, special events, and milestones. Your memoir, digital and easily shareable, becomes a keepsake you can share with your loved ones.

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